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We are located in Åkersberga just outside Stockholm

Kennel Morning Breeze

Kennel Morning Breeze consists of Peter Carlsson Mörk and Stefan Mörk. We breed toy, dwarf and medium poodles in the colors black, apricot red, brown and grey (silver). We also breed Pekingese.

Our bloodlines come from the world's most famous and recognized breeders of both Poodles and Pekingese.

A loving home

Our dogs live with us and we want our dogs to live the life we live, active and used to being in social environments. For us it is obvious that our ideals can be combined, that is, health, beauty and good temperament.

Whether you are looking for a companion dog or a dog to show, the most important thing for us is that the puppy comes to a stable and loving home.

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