Our wonderful red male Robin, Solnes Burn By T'Sun (4th of January 2020)

Brother and Sister; Our Young Brown male, Milton, Morning Breeze Something Special and our Young female, Penny, Morning Breeze A Tender Lie,  6 months.  Parents are Didi, Multi Champion Bebella's Lady Chanel and Vincent, Multi Champion Solnes Poison Poppy (Photo from  3/1-2020)

Late November 2019 in Marbella. Peter and 4,5 months old Milton, Morning Breeze Something Special

Our Medium Size youngster Tom, Morning Breeze Slow Healing Heart, 6,5 months old. (November 2019)

Our Little Apricot/red family. From the left Majgull, Morning Breeze Mountain Angel. In the middle father RobinBurn By T'Sun and to the right mother Solbritt, Solnes Vanilla Blossom.

Lilly, Morning Breeze Better Day, having fun! 15th of September 2019.

Cornelia, Morning Breeze May Pearl in September 2019.

Cornelia, Morning Breeze May Pearl, 14 months at the time. 2019-07-18

We really enjojing summer! 16th of June 2019.

Robin; Hey I also like mini pizzas!!! (15th of June 2019)

Cody, Morning Breeze High Sierra, 10 months. Owners: Anki Nilsson and Marienne Bladh. Grooming: Peter Carlssson Mörk

Majgull, Morning Breeze Mountain Angel, enjoying the Easter weather 2019

Solbritt and  Robin having fun! 20th of January 2019

We had a great time in Sevilla, January 2019

Sammy, Morning Breeze Pure And Simple, 4 months at the time

Evening walk in Estepona, September 2018

Evening walk in Estepona september 2018

Ready for the morning walk in Marbella, September 2018.

Evening walk in Marbella sept 2018.

Jane and Robin having a great time in the warm summer weather in July 2018.

Dave, Nasaiileen Intuition, in a playful mood

Two playful Morning Breeze girls....Majgull, Morning Breeze Mountain Angel  8 months  and behind Pamela, Morning Breeze In The Meantime 13 months.

Breakfast in Marbella. Dave and Peter and a curious  Majgull 

Morning walk in San Pedro

Vincent relaxing on the table when he has his hari done! :-)

Playful Majgull, Morning Breeze Montain Angel, 6 month at the time

Robin is shining like the sun after his weekly bath, Marbella 2/7-2017

Morning walk in Marbella, 4/7-2017

Morning Breeze Love Will Guide Her, Freija 5 1/2 month and 7 weeks

Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher, 16 month. 1/5-2017

Playful Solbritt!!!  27/3-2017

Stefan and Vincent on a walk in Marbella 17/3-2017

Lovely February Sunday. Peter, Heidi and Jane (12/2-2017)

Heidi just had her bath (22/1-2017)

Peter and Solbritt at home after a nice Winter walk, 15th of January 2017

Stefan, Heidi, Vincent and Meg 15th of January 2017

Meg loves to play in the snow!!!!!! 5th of January 2017

Solbritt, she is Always exploring her environment and she is very intelligent and find out new ways of doing things....28th of December 2016

Solbritt 18th of December 2016

Solbritt looking out over the Roslagen Archipelago . Morning of November 16th-2016

Just had her bath and then grooming, Before she looked more lika a bear then a poodle ;-) Our Beautiful Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher, 10 month old (24/10-2016) 

Sweet Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play, 17 month. Just had her bath.

Morning in October at Morning Breeze (18/10-2016)

Didi enjoying the archipelago (7/10-2016)

Sobritt love to play (6/10-2016)

Bus hemma på tomten den 12/8-2016

Ovan Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher och Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play

Ovan, Full fart och i täten Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher (Snart 8 månader) följt av mamman Jane, SEUCH, SVJV-14, SVV-14 Pandorans Let's Play samt Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play.

Morning Walk in Marbella, 23/7-2016

Jane is resting in between all the playing ;-) (13/5-2016)

Peggy enjoying the sun ;-) (13/5-2016)

Solbritt planning some playing ;-) (13/5-2016)

Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher, enjoys Spain :-) 17th of April 2016. Meg is almost 4 month old at the moment.

Morning walk in the neighborhood in Marbella, 16 of April 2016 

Morning Walk i San Pedro, Marbella. Spain. 14th of April 2016

Morning walk in San Pedro, Marbella, Spain, 14th of April 2016.

Solbritt is having her Siesta

Mother SE UCH, SE JW-14, SE W-14 Pandorans Let's Play, Jane playing with her doughter Meg, Morning Breeze Take Me Higher :-) (5th of April 2016)

And the Winner is..... ;-)

Our Sweet Princess Ingrid.

Our youngsters are playing in the garden on the 17th of January 2016. Never mind the Cold weather ;-)

Our youngsters are playing, November the 17th 2015

Full speed in the dirty garden, first Peggy and then Heidi closing up ;-)

Heidi " Yes i've got you soon" ;-)

Peggy to the left and Heidi to the right

Heidi (5,5 month at the time) and yes you get dirty....



Full speed......

Peggy (6 month at the time)

The 13th of November 2015

13th of November. Solbritt is wondering: Where are all the flowers gone?

The 13th of November. Jane and Solbritt having Fun!