Dave, Nasailleen Intuition from UK, New Swedish Champion 3/6-2018 at Norrköping Kennel Club Dog Show. Judge Bente Bjerkaas, Norway

Vincent, SE UCH, FI UCH, DKCH Solnes Poison Poppy, BOB at Norrköping Kennel Club Dog Show

We are so Proud and happy. Day two, 13/5-2018,  at Roskilde International Dog Show Vincent, Solnes Poison Poppy,  was Best of breed (BOB) with CAC and CACIB and our Didi, SE UCH, FI UCH, GICH, SE JW-15, TLNJW-15, VWJW-15  was Best of opposite sex (BOS) with CAC and CACIB and became Danish Champion, Nordic Champion and International Champion

Vincent was Best of breed with CAC and CACIB under Judge Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugan and ended up as Best in Group under Judge Erwin Manders, Netherlands,  at Roskilde International Dog show, Denmark 12/5-2018.

Majgull having fun in the snow

Beautiful Dave from the UK

Morning walk in Spain 2 January 2018..

Vincent best male and ended up as Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB at International Kennel Club Dog Show in Växjö 3/11-2017. Judge Oliveria Rui, Portugal

Solnes Poison Poppy was Best Male with CAC and CACIB in a very strong competition and ended up as BOS at Gästrikland's Kennel Club's International Dog Show in Sandviken 3/9-2017. Judge Marco Marabotto, Italy

SE JW-16 Morning Breeze Reuben James, Mio, was 3:d best male with CAC at Stockholm's Kennel Club's National Dog Show in Memory of Ulla Segerström & Bertil Sted-Gren. (27th of August 2017)

After 4 weeks in Finland, Our Vincent, Solnes Poison Poppy had a huge success. 3 BOB, 3 CAC, 2 CACIB and one BOG 1 and finally BEST IN SHOW!!! at the Kennel Club Dog Show in Kuopio (IDS). We are so happy and proud and a so grateful to our friend Virpi Luukkonen for taking the best care of our Vincent and for a great job in the rings.

Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play, got her champion title at Södermanlands Kennel Club's National Dog Show in Eskilstuna on the 19th of August 2017. Judge Per Svarstad.

Our Beautiful Vincent, Solnes Poison Poppy, BEST IN SHOW, at Kuopio International Dog Show in Finland 6/8-2017. Breed Judge Laurent Heinesche, Group Judge Hans Almgren and Best in Show Judge Markku Kipinä. Handler and grooming our Dear friend Virpi Luukkonen.

Our sweet Vincent, Solnes Poison Poppy, in Finland at Virpi Luukkonen's Place, spending one month in Finland for Dog Shows. 2/8-2017

Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play, at Swedish Poodle National 2017.

Our Vincent, Solnes Poison Poppy, Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB at Kemi International Dog Show in Kemi, Finland.

Grooming and handling: Virpi Luukkonen (23/7-2017)

The Contact between handler and dog is very important in the ring. Peter and Robin, and it's the first time out in the ring for Robin, 13 month at the time at the National Dog Show in Leksand 11th of June 2017.

Peggy, Pandorans Way To Play, BOS with CAC and CACIB at Norrköping International Dog Show, 4th of June 2017.
Judge the highly Respected Bo Bengtsson, USA
Our New Import from Denmark and the World Famous Kennel Solnes; Robin, Solnes Burn By T'Sun. Robin is 11 month at the time 

Swedish Junior Winner 2016, Morning Breeze Reuben James. Best Junior with fantastic critique from the judge at Swedish Poodle Club Dog Show in Eskilstuna 4th of February 2017. Judge: Breed Specialist Eija Halonen, Finland. Handler and Owner Veronica Angelryd.

Grooming Peter Carlsson Mörk

Morning Breeze Reuben James, Swedish Junior Winner 2016 at Swedish Kennel Club's International Dogshow in Stockholm 3/12-2016. Owner Veronica and Tobbe Angelryd. Handler Jessica Angelryd. Grooming Peter Carlsson Mörk. Father C.I.B, LT CH, EE CH, RU CH, FI UCH Face to Face of Chanel Coco and mother SE UCH, SE W-14, SE JW-14 Pandorans Let's Play

Peter and Morning Breeze Reuben James (Mio)

Vincent, Gibraltar Puppy Winner 2016 Solnes Poison Poppy, BOB-puppy at Poodle Speciality in Hässleholm 23/10-2016. Vincent has been out in the ring 6 times and he is 6 times BOB-puppy, one BIS-2 and one BIS 4 at Poodle Specialities!

Vincent, GI PW-16 Solnes Poison Poppy BIS-2 valp på pudelklubbens utställning i Sundsvall 16/10-2016

Vincent, GI PW-16 Solnes Poison Poppy BIR-valp och Alice, Morning Breeze Lady Ashley BIM-valp på pudelklubbens nationella utställning i Sundsvall 16/10-2016.

Didi, Gibraltar Champion the second day in Gibraltar (19/9-2016)

Vincent BOB-puppy again the second day in Gibraltar and Gibraltar Puppy Winner 2016 (19/9-2016)

Didi, was Best of Breed with CC and CACIB at Gibraltar Kennel Club's International Dogshow today, 17th of September 2016. Judge Breed Specialist Lee Cox, UK

21 of May 2016. At the International Dog Show in Hamina, Finland, Didi, Bebella's Lady Chanel, was BOS with CAC and CACIB and now she is prepared for her Finnish Champion title. Judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland

Peter together with Breeder Virpi Luukonen

Helsinki International Dog Show, Finland 22 of May 2016. Peggy, Pandorans Way to Play was BOB-junior at her debut as a junior. Judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland.

Morning Breeze Reuben James, Best in Show Puppy in Stockholm at Swedish Poodle Club's Dog Show "inoff". Judge Gunilla Albrigtsen. Handler: Veronica Angleryd. Grooming: Peter Carlsson Mörk. Owner Veronica and Tobbe Angleryd. 5th of May 2016.

Brother and sister BOB and BOS puppies. Morning Breeze Reuben James (BOB) and Morning Breeze Take Me Higher (BOS) 5th of May 2016

Morning Breeze Reuben James, BIS-puppy! 5th of April 2016, Handler: Veronica Angleryd, Grooming: Peter Carlsson Mörk. Owners Veronica and Tobbe Angleryd

Morning Breeze Take Me Higher BOS. 5th of May 2016. Handling and Grooming Peter Carlsson Mörk. Owners Peter Carlsson Mörk and Stefan Mörk

Didi, Second best bitch at Västerås National Dog Show with CAC and wonderful critics in strong Competition. 24th of April 2016. Judge Jean-Francois Vanaken, Belgium

Jane, SE JW-14, SE W-14 Pandorans Let's Play was Swedish Champion in Poodle Speciality in Strömsnäsbruk on the 20th of March 2016.

Today (19/3-16) Didi was BOB with CAC and CACIB at Malmö International Dog Show. We are so Proud of our Little Princess!

First time out in the ring today (13th of February 2016) Heidi, Bebella's Million Dollar Lady, was Best of Breed (BOB) at Sollentuna Puppy Show.

Heidi 13th of February 2016

Heidi and Peter 13th of February 2016

Our Peggy was BEST IN SHOW Puppy at Swedish Poodle Club's Dog Show on the 7th of February 2016. Peggy is Toy and soon junior

Our Morning Breeze Puppies, 4 weeks old. Born 18th of December 2015

4th of January 2016. Our Peggy, 7 month after a nice bath :-)

Vårt senaste tillskott är importen Heidi, "Bebella's Million Dollar Lady". Uppfödare Virpi Luukkonen, Finland

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Heidi loves Spain as we do too!!!